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Japan Style Abalone with Crab Roe Salad

and Coconut Mango Jelly

日式璣燒鮑魚 蟹籽沙律 椰香芒果凍




Organic Portabella stuffed with Black Truffle Ham & Mash Potato,

Figs Rocket Salad

黑松露菌火腿薯蓉焗珍寶有機啡蘑菇 無花果火箭菜沙律



Soup of the Day



Main Course

Ink Pasta with Seafood in Silicen Tomato Sauce

海鮮 西西里蕃茄汁, 墨魚汁意粉




Poached NZ Halibut Fillet and Crispy Shrimp in Potato Twine

served with Eel Teriyaki Sauce

慢浸紐西蘭比目魚柳 伴 脆薯絲蝦 配 鰻魚照燒汁




Roasted France Quail with XO BBQ Sauce,

Thai Sausage Salad

燒法國鵪鶉 XO醬燒烤汁 泰式臘腸沙律




Roasted Iberico Pork Pluma

with Hoisin Sauce

烤西班牙橡果豬柳 秘制海鮮醬汁




Char-grilled US Beef Tenderloin & Pan-fried Foie Gras de Canard,

with Brandy Pepper Gravy

炭燒美國牛柳 及 香煎鴨肝 配 干邑黑椒燒汁


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